Breakup driving me crazy?

My boyfriend of 5 years decided the we weren't good for each other two days ago. I have only had 6 hours of sleep in the last two days and haven't eaten anything but an apple in the last two days. All I do. is drink water and cry over the relationship ending. I don't know what to do.


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  • I went through the same experience, and I discovered that life gave me a hard lesson from the closest person to me... which made me look at my life with realistic.
    at first.. I felt pain, but later I felt happiness, and found out how to make a good relationship with myself to see life clearly.

    the pain didn't kill me.. it just taught me how to live my life, and made me wiser , and more patient (positive)... then I realized that I can't add more days to my age, but I'm sure I can add more life to my days.

    I realized kicking some people out of my life might be a good for me... not cuz I can't have them... but making space for them in my life will hold me back... so I thanked god for making my ex leaving my life... now I've became a superman and I'm not afraid of... (krypton-life).

    don't worry... you didn't lost a big part of yourself... you'll find that part when you're ready... it's up to you.

  • It will get better long-term relationship breakups are really hard for many people.


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  • I'm sorry to hear that , I can definitely relate I went through the same situation a few months ago though wasn't together for as long as you and your boyfriend were , are u following the no contact rule? And do u have anyone to keep you company or cheer you up? I know getting up and going out with friends seems crazy but it definitely is a lot better then being at home crying alone


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