How to get over a guy ?

So basically this guy I really liked and I were an unofficial thing for about 8 months and he was so sweet and flirty and then all of a sudden he dropped me for someone else. How can I get over him? I still like him but he's being a douche now and I need to move on but it's easier said than done


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  • Well unofficial huh as in only dating?

    Yes, the douche , we've all had one or met one. Sucks when you give someone your all and then they leave you out for someone else. Try start by telling yourself that you deserve better and you will get back on your feet because you will ! Hang out with your friends, more importantly find a good and trusted source to talk to i. e friends, counsellor , parents (if you are that close). It really helps talking , cursing him out (in your head). Do something different: join a class , do a new hair do, clothes etc. I really hope you get over this douche , I love deep too so its a real chore.

  • I'm very sorry hun , breakups are so very painful.

    The best way to move on is cut all means of contact , and remove all traces of him from your life. People tend to reminisce about what was, and dwell on what happened, and what could have been. So Get rid of anything that has sentimental value I. e photos, gifts , messages etc this just prolongs the hurt. It keeps the pain raw

    Often people say time heals your pain, but that's not true... it's what you do with your time that helps you to heal and move on. That's why it's important to keep active , keep your mind focused on things other than him. Workout or try something new. Spend time with friends. Anything to keep you distracted

    Gradually your memories will fade and your pain will ease. The one thing I've learnt in life about love is that... hearts do heal and they do love again.❤xx


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