My boyfriends baby mama will probably never move on?

my boyfriend and His ex has 2 kids. before I met my boyfriend they have been broken up for almost 2 years.
3 months into our relationship she got my number and started texting me.
I talked to my boyfriend and he told me she wants to get back with him since she found out about us now she's trying all she can to have him back. he said he told her they are done and not getting back together.
we got pregnant we were happy. she then came by suddenly to his house. yelling why are you still with her? you don't care about your kids!
he told her to leave. the next day he talked to her about us going to have a baby soon. and told her there's no going back together.
But that didn't stop her.
she tells my boyfriend that she's worried that I will take him from his kid's,
to her it's if she can't have him back then no one can have him.
She has made my life and his miserable. that I even became a crazy girlfriend that we almost broke up.
Our temporary solution was let her "Win"
I told her that me and hiM has broken up over the phone while I was crying my eyes out.
He then told her that he is done. he won't be having any relationship with either of us or anyone
ofcourse this won't be true. me and him will still be together.
he hopes that now that she isn't worrying about me stealing the kids dad, that she would eventually move on and heal.
I told him that would be nice if she would. but I also told him that some women never move on or even if they do it takes them years! I asked him what are we gonna do then? what happens when months into this lie she finds out that we are still together? what's gonna happen then?

We really love each other. but this torn between us that I can't get rid of is making me feel like crap. I really am doubtful that she will move on.
Oh we did tell the truth but she's in denial. even when we did tell her. she would text him hey baby I miss you I love you. that was when I got so mad that I started doubting him; asking him if he's been fucking her. I did that every day. and he couldn't handle all my doubts and me not trusting him that I almost pushed him away from me. I became a horrible person who could only think about myself and not how he's feeling.


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  • Stop engaging with her. Block her number, if she calls you from another one write down the time and number and start reporting it to the police for harassment. She is not YOUR problem.
    If your partner wants her to stop then he needs to get a mediator and start the process for court ordered contact so she can't take his kids away out of spite. They don't need to have any contact that doesn't relate to the children and the fact he has let it escalate to this level is just ridiculous.

  • Stupid annoyin bitch she needs to stop getting in his bussiness and texting you it shoulf only be contact with your boyfriend and only about the kids tell him to put a restraining order on her and figh in court to get legal visitation with his kids and she does not have to be coming around bothetin your guys relationship.. 😖

  • Instead of lying to her why not just tell her how it's going to be?

    • I certainly understand your concerns, this woman is running your relationship! I would block her number, I don't assume the two of you need to communicate, and have your boyfriend sit her down and tell her the truth. She may not want to hear it but he needs to be firm with her and stand his ground. I completely understand why this makes you feel insecure, I would too! Best of luck

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