How Come She Means So much To Me?

Its been longeer than a year since I've seen her. I wish I could see or talk to her :(


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  • I can relate to that. It's nearly two years for me. For a year I hoped he'd get in touch , but he never did. Now I have a different number so it's impossible for us to ever speak again. Sometimes you have to accept that some people can stay in your heart, but not in your life. Hopefully , fate will help you to cross paths so you can see her again


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  • I'm there myself mate!!! And last time I saw her she had become hip to social media and joined tinder. So my chances of her returning are slim to none.

    I don't know your sitch but if you get the chance to text her, go for it.

    • I would but our phone numbers are both different now.

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    • Its ok. I just have to move forward and if fate brings us back then thats whats supposed to happen

    • Yeah, that's a good way to be man! You never know how life will work out.

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  • it means you love her

  • Divine will


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