To all Pisces men, would you go back to an ex you were with for a long time?


-You cheated

-You had sex with her

-You know she loves you a lot still, even though she ended the relationship

-You guys dated for 8 months


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  • What does being a pisces have to do with that?

    • Just answer the question, I'm not that into signs but I just want to c if it has an affect in this case

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    • Okay, well astrological signs have nothing to do with peoples abilities to cheat. Relationships are tough, especially involving love and cheating. You did the right thing in breaking up with him. Hopefully he will take this time to improve himself and maybe eventually you two could establish a friendship and maybe spark another relationship. Just ensure that he will never do that to you again, and most of all- don't be demanding =)

    • On that note, astrological signs are based on generalisation and confirmation bias. the infomation is very general and people can usually examples of that in their life and when it happens are more inclined to believe that the astrological sign thing was right.

      In answer to the question though, he might, but there are also a lot of other factors to consider, such as whether he loves his ex and how willing he thinks she is to take him back, if he still actually wants a relationship etc

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