Breaking up with my ex?

Okay, so I broke up with my ex boyfriend because this girl told me she had sex with him before and of course it made me mad. Her telling me that she had sex with him before wasn't the part that made me mad. It was the fact the she gets around with everyone. She told me that they did the nasty before me and him got together but I still broke up with him because I didn't want anyone who had sex with her, let alone anyone who had anything to do with her at all. So am I wrong for breaking up with him for that? 💀


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  • well if he didn't know you felt that way towards her before you two got together then yea it wrong. If he didn't know anything that you didn't like her at all then it kind of like you just were finding an excuse to break up with him. But nevertheless it your relationship if you feel like because he did that you can't be with him so be it.


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  • Yéap , sure u are wrong , girl just think about it is he a trustworthy guy? And if they never did sex? And if she played your mind just so you would break up with him? I would have told him she told me all that and basically questionated him before any breaking up's !

    • He gets around too from what I heard. I didn't hear about him till after I broke up with him. People were telling me that I could do a lot better because of the type of guy he is. I mean, he was a nice guy, yeah. But he did flirt with other girls when we were in a relationship. So I'm kinda glad I did break up with him. 🤷🏽‍♀️

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  • Did he tell you about her when you guys started dating?
    If you two really like each other, that one issue shouldn't get in the way.

  • Well if he's a good guy and still treats you right that's a really pretty reason to break up with him considering it was before you two got together

    • I mean, I cut him off because he started talking wreck less about me for breaking up with him.

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    • Well, I was already planning on breaking up with him before I had even found that they did what they did.

    • Yeah that's a great reason for cutting him off. If he's going to be a D bag to you because he doesn't get what he wants then good riddance. Dump him entirely and move on girl

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