Will he ever come back?

i dated my ex for 6 1/2 months and he left me for another women he has known this women and wanted her since he was like 10, but all throughout their relationship he has always been in contact with me and get back with me then she got pregnant and he left her for me we were together 3 months but told me he had to leave for his child but if it wasn't for the baby wed be together cause he really loved me well anyway a couple months later we tried being "friends" but instead he confessed how much he loved me and he no longer wanted to lose me cause he knew him and his girl would break up one day we ended up sleeping together, well I got pregnant I'm now 21 weeks pregnant he has a baby a couple months old and he is STILL telling me he misses me and loves me but will not leave her cause they are a family and are engaged! I'm pregnant I need him right now will he ever come around!?


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  • dont sit and wait for him. he's trying his best to sound concerned, but there are so many people like that in this world. ones that say they like u, but won't leave the one their with for u. my brother had a spell like that couple years ago. liked a girl who was with someone else. I told him repeatedly that she's playing him, and he finally cut ties...now he's happier than he's ever been and with a new girl. itll be hard for you at first, but yur strong enough to go along without him


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  • This is what I personally think..

    That he's a player...

    He keeps on leaving yu and coming back to yu..

    This is really idiotic for him to do..

    If he really loves yu.. he should come back to yu..

    If he thinks about yu alot.. he should come back to yu..

    Thats all I'm gonna say


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