Why did my ex text me?

I broke up with my ex for 6-7 months.
(cause he had 2 girls in the same time, so I decided to walk away)

Last month he started liking my picture and stalking my friends on Instagram.
And last week, I received the message from him via IG message " ; ) "
So I decided to text his new girl and told her what he is doing right now.

The ex said I am crazy; "just one smile face and you texted my gf".
Yes. I am crazy. And I will not anyone to playing with my feeling.
We ended up really badly. And after long time we stopped talking, wtf is " ; ) "?

I know that he is in the relationship with that girl.
The worst is I still have the feeling for him.
I both love and hate him very much in the same time.

He ended our conversation that "Sorry for bothering you. I won't message you again".

The question is, why did he message me like that?
Why did he do that since he is still with that girl and they are in relationship now.

And what should I do to get over him?


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What Guys Said 2

  • It sounds like he is trying to make you jealous and change your mind to take that sleaze loser back. Block him out and move on!

    • Thank you very much for your advice. You are right. I should block him.

  • get over it... or else u can be a puppet to him

    • I'm not gonna be a puppet to him. lol
      I'll try my best to get over it. Thank you for your advice. :)

    • 👍👍👌👌

What Girls Said 1

  • There are many guys out there who enjoy dragging a girl along. It makes many guys feel empowered when they can have a woman wrapped along their fingers just from a simple message. What he's doing here is dragging you along, preventing you from forgetting him in order to hurt you. If he cheated on you, he clearly doesn't respect the relationship you had, just as he doesn't respect his current one. The best remedy for this is to stop talking to him altogether. I did this with my last boyfriend of one year after he made a dumb excuse as to why he wanted to break up after leaving me for one of my closest friends. I'd give yourself a month to get over it for every 6 months you dated; it will give you time to work on you, and maybe find someone better than him. Block him on social media platforms for now, you can unblock him after the time is up if you'd like, but I think he really needs to figure his stuff out- don't let him drag you down from being your best self.

    • Thank you very much for your advice. I used to block him once. And unblocked him when I felt better. But as I told, we broke up for 7 months. He seems to be happy with that girl. But one day he just came back in my life with a super retarded action. He didn't even feel sorry for the things he has done. And it sucks that I actually know what I should do, but don't do it because I still have the feeling for him. Now my brain and my heart are fighting. But I know that my brain is gonna be win. I will block him now. Thank you again for your advice.

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