Certainly, Uncertain.. I just need someone to understand. Is this a valid explanation?

Every now and then, I find myself sending her a picture to replace however she remembered me... I still hold close the memories of her next to me, in a dark room, where the only thing between us other than the bed sheets was the feeling of love... I held her close when she wept for her children and I identified with this pain... For her, it was as real as the bed in which we lay... But despite all the heart ache and the regret we shared we had this love that was... Simply put; amazing.. and I would no sooner exchange the sorrows that her & I felt for joy in complete multitude. For it was this common ground in which we found each other. And if I could say anything about the time we shared, it would be as simple as; I needed her at the time, and she needed me. However, if I tried to explain the complexities of how deeply in love her and I were... At the very least I could fill dictionaries with the ways in which we loved one another. That is how I feel about her. I can only hope she feels the very same. It was so bitter sweet, and yet, it couldn't have been any other way. Even after everything, I still love & miss her more than anything. When she left.. I guess, so did I.


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  • You need to share these feelings with her!!! I strongly urge you to. This is beautifully written‚̧
    And well... you can just tell these feelings for her, are genuine and come from your heart.
    You gotta tell her!

    • I am grateful for your insight.. I needed someone to understand how I feel. Unfortunately, she did not seem to.. Or at least she couldn't except it, or maybe she just didn't want to hear it.. I am not sure as her and I have lost contact. I told her how I feel; With the lips of lovers, the words of poets, and the embodiment of my actions. Sometimes, enough just isn't.. I don't know. I always assumed that the heart was an honest place, the world was not. I guess, I still have a lot to learn.. I am not entirely certain I wish to be part of such a reality.

    • You can find her. Look! Open you heart to it and anything is possible.
      And what such reality?

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