Is this a bad thing to try feeling nothing for my ex?

so am trying to stop having as strong feeling for my ex girlfriend. i want it too be where if i run into her it won't bug me at all. so where ever i go to my Kmart which my ex girlfriend now works at... she will always just stare at me hard. in fact it's gotta to the point where my friends will point this out. last month a friend told me she was just standing behind me looking at us but didn't try talking to me. i told him will she was the casher in front of us maybe she just need to get something but he said no she was staring bro. i don't pay my ex any mind but i still got strong feeling for her even through we both have moved on too new people. it's been 2 years i want her to stop having such a effect on me and making me feel uncomfortable to shop at places i always go too.


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  • No, this is smart. It's not healthy to keep holding to to feelings for an ex. If this is what you need to do to start moving on then do it. You're not hurting anyone and eventually you'll reach the point where you can think about your ex but realize you don't have feelings anymore. Good luck man.

    • Thank u very much i hope so

  • looks like you both have unresolved feelings between the two of you

    • i think we do but i just wanna feel less for her

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    • you're welcome. I hope all goes well for you :)

    • so far it is 8 months with my new girl

What Guys Said 1

  • From a relationship coaching lens, here are my thoughts:
    1) I know you said that you've both moved on to new people but that doesn't sound true. You might have a new girlfriend but clearly you're still somewhat into your ex.
    2) To directly answer your headline/question, it is not bad to try to feel nothing but it is unhealthy to have feelings for her and simply try to suppress them. Especially, again, since you have a new girlfriend.

    • 1. I have beem dating my new girlfriend for 8 monthd and my girlfriend has been dating her new boyfriend for almost 2 years.. n we haven't talked in 17 months now. So we both are in happy relationship right now. I won't lie i just admited to having strong feeling for my ex just said it. 2. Am not trying to suppress it just trying to 100% accpeted it with out it bugging me at all n thinking about happy times we share. Plus i feel bettet Stoll having strong feeling for my ex when am so happy with ny new girlfriend

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