Why does he now act very bitter?

so broke up with my boyfriend last week on Tuesday and he got very bitter toward me I only broke up with him because when ever I asked if he wanted to sit with me during lunch or go to breakfast with me he says I'm very busy. Also there is this app called after school in which he used I saw a post where some girl said he is in love with my boyfriend she asked if he was single and he commented saying he was and said hmu and gave his number when I asked him about it he said I only said that because I wanted to know who it was.
I personally think he was embarrassed to be dating me when I broke up with him it was over text because that the only way to talk with him he never hang out with me or talks to me outside of texting. he asked me how do I not act like I'm dating you so I told him and he got mad and said who did you bang when we were together and you will probably have another boyfriend the next day also when you date someone you probably have them lined up oh dumped him onto the next one oh dumped him etc. lastly his friend texted me using his phone at least that what the ex said and his friend said did you bang your brother last night
so I went to school the next day and sat in the café and behind me I hear someone say out loud so did you sleep with your brother last night and people were saying who is he saying that too but luckily he did not say my name but I still knew he was talking to me.


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  • So they accused you of having slept with your brother?

    • yup they did and and also sleeping with someone else when I was with him but I'm not that type of person who cheats on people

  • That's one disrespectful motherfucker

  • he's a poor feminist whos a victim of women and feminist society


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