Is she just trying to get me to chase her again?

My ex just broke up with me for the second time In 4 years and her reason for doing so is because she was unhappy with the amount of time I was spending with her. I was only spending a couple days and nights a week with her which isn't much but my reason for doing so is because i was working a lot 12 hour days 5-6 days a week I wasn't required to work that much but i volunteered every week because she had no job and I was helping support her as well as save for a house for us and I wanted our financial life to be easy and it was because I have ambition and wanted a good life for us, it's not like I was hanging out with friends or just not having interest in her I was building a life for us she is/was my only friend anyway.
She said when she broke up with me that I spend more time with her when we're not together and that is true last time she did this I put my life on hold and fought every second of the day to get her back and it worked I got her back, this time however there is another guy or sort of is he's her ex from many years ago but the only problem is he's in prison and can only text her I guess he has phone privlage or something I wouldn't know anything about it I have never been in trouble, he doesn't even get out for another 6 months so what is she doing she told me she loves him and wants to get with him when he's out but I can't believe it because she's only been talking to him a week and hasn't seen him in 5 years. Is she just trying to make me jealous and chase her? I told her I will stop working overtime and spend that time with her but only if she broke it off with him and gave me a chance right here and now and told her if she didn't that I would no longer Persue her. She said no but wanted to be friends I said yes but warned her I was only such a good friend before we dated because I wanted her and that I would no longer want her, she got angry and stormed off but then texts me good night later and keeps texting me everyday, what is she doing?


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  • Damn , she is really confusing, you are right to be confused. Well I get it why she got angry when you said that you were a good friend before only bc you wanted her. So, by saying that you also mean that now you're not going to be a good friend, as if she didn't deserve it. I think it wasn't a right decision for her to break up with you bc you didn't spend enough time with her. Many girls can put up with that bc they understand and love their guy deeply. I mean its not enough reason to break up with you , plus you had a really understandable reason for not being able to be with her as much you wanted. And the fact that you told her that that would change and she didn't care it shows that she didn't love you enough or maybe she wasn't really in love with you. And it's not like you saw each other once a week , i think that she tried to find a problem as a excuse to get out of the relationship. But oh well , this is all my opinion , maybe im wrong who knows

    • She said she felt lonely and missed me and that's a problem if you're in a relationship with someone and she's right what I don't get is I offered to change that and she declined and now she won't see me at all so why continue with the break up?

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    • So should I fight to get her back which I'm pretty sure will work or just leave her alone and wait for her to come back?

    • You could fight to get her back, but i can't assure that she will want to come to you. Or you could wait, and see if she comes back to you. Or you could do both. It's your decision, there's no right or wrong here.

  • yeah she is

    • I made it clear to her I won't and I haven't do you think she will begin to chase me? That is what I want I'm tired of doing all the work to get her back I want her to chase me for once.

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