What do I do?

I can't get over my ex. We've been broken up since Valentine's Day (after being together since June 2009) and he's all I can think about. Its driving me crazy because I'm STILL head over heels in love with him when he's already out being the guy he didn't use to be.

He used to be so sweet, caring, and just wonderful. Then he went off to college and did a complete 180 once spring semester started. He always told me he loved me. I could feel it, and others could see the love we had.

We both were hurt previously. Both his previous gf's left him for other guys, and I couldn't open myself up nor trust and guy due to past experiences with could have-been bf's.

We were great friends before we went out, and I think I miss my friend most of al. We supported each other through everything, and stayed together through so much.

But when January came, it was obvious he was having doubts. He started to listen to his friends and let this life of being a college football player get to him. Which in turn, made me freak out and become needy because I knew I was losing him.

He was my first love, and he took that love away. He took my trust, my heart, and my hope with him. I never thought I'd ever fall in love.

I cry damn near everyday because of him. It kills me how much I miss him, just the little things.ZI loved him with all of me. And he used to return that love. Not anymore.

What do I do to let him go, even though its killing me to?

OK so I invited him over for a barbecue (which he always loved) as a strictly platonic invitation...but he stood me up.

He was acting all nice for a week and now he's an asshole again...this sucks :(


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  • Hey hun, I'm going through the same thing right now. So know you are not alone. I'm sorry for your loss. Are you guys still friends, or talk anymore? Because if you are then you might have a chance or getting back maybe in the future. But that's a hard road to go down. I wouldn't recommend it. I'm doing that with my current ex and it gets really hard at times. A couple of years ago I let my first love go. We were together for over five years, it was really hard. The only thing that I find works is to cut off all contact. That means no emails, phone calls, texting, or anything else. And start trying to casually date again. That is the best bet. That is how I got over 5 years in a matter of a month. Good luck.

    • Hello. I am in the same state now. 7 months together, all good and nice and he just said he want to be by his own, with friends..5 months of break up.i don't know if I give you the right answer, but did you tried to talk to him? you were frends before lovers, so its normal if you talk to him. tell him how you feel..see what he thinks,,,i am crying every day, can't move on. good luck,xxxxx

    • Yeah, he just randomly started talking to me recently...weird lol. I don't know what his intentions are, but I don't know if I want to get back with him if that's what he's attempting. It was everywhere that he was screwing around with different girls and now he's trying to talk to me again. I just don't want to go through the same things again, you know? It hurt enough the first time. But thanks for the advice! I appreciate it. I hope all of you guys work everything out and find happiness :)

  • i am in ur shoes! dated for seven months and he broke up w mee and I've been crying for 6 monthsss because he's not the sameee hlp me get him backkk

    • Awww...I really wish I could help you find a way. I know it hurts like crazyyyyyyy...but I'm slowly but surely learning that if they let you go, its THEIR loss. It's just hard to get that through to a broken heart :/

    • Duuuuuude omg k seriously time does fix everything :)))))) like I saw him today and he was like "u made my heart drop" ;) and he kept staring at me and he like gave me 5 hugssss and we were kinda flirting just wait a little then go for it ;)))

    • See? Same thing happened to me! lol

      Well I hope the best for you! Let's hope mine goes as well too lol