Why does he want to be friends?

Was dating a guy for 2.5 months, six dates…he ending things he texted me this day we were supposed to go out to dinner, and afterwards said "I would love to stay friends". He wrote
"Hey. Hope your day is going well as mine has been so so thus far. I was doing some thinking last night which usually winds up getting me into trouble but I still feel that we have not progressed to where we should be given the amount of time we have been seeing each other. I can equate this to a few possible options. The first is definitely the distance which limits the amount of time we can see each other and that is always must be on a schedule. But the second is do we really have that spark or are we still looking for it. At the same time I am totally overwhelmed between work and life and I have to question if we maybe crossed paths at the wrong time. My initial thought is saying out of fairness to you that we should take a break and in the event out future paths cross in the future then may we could reevaluate the situation but at the same time I don't want to hold you back from your own progression. " We talked on the phone and he said he enjoyed every date, i'm a great girl, and the main issue was the distance. I was crying cause I was also PMSing, and then he started to cry when he was telling me about his mothers death. And his fears of being alone as he is an only child, and only has his father. He acknowledged that he has not found the balance between spending time with his dad and living his own life.*
Now the part that is got me really confused is that afternoon after break up of things, he sent me a Facebook friend request. And then that night he sent me a friend request on Instagram. He also texted me saying "I will definitely look you up when I am in the city".
We never had sex only kissing.*
How does it seem he feels about me?
Im moving on back on fully looking to meet other guys, so I'm definitely not excepting anything real with this guy


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  • Well he definitely cares about you, it just seems that he has too much going on in his life for him to feel stable in a relationship. it's also completely normal for him to still want to be friends. out of all my past relationships I've maintained friendships with each past partner even after we split up. He doesn't want to lead you on in a sense. The fact that he said all that shows he cares about you and your future


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