What does it mean if my ex keeps viewing my snapchat story?

We had a nasty break up and she immediately got into a relationship with another girl and claims to be in love with the new girl when people ask her and says she doesn't give a fuck about me. Meanwhile she's been watching my snapchat stories everyday, she never misses a single one. I'm sure her girlfriend would be pissed about that. What does that even mean? Keeping tabs on me? Missing me? I wouldn't dare open an ex's sc story because of pride and not wanting them to think I'm miserable, so I'm confused as to why she's being this blunt.


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  • If she not replied or sending you anything then their not much to say other than she probably just wants to keep tabs on you.

    • well it's my snapchat story so it's public, nothing to her directly. Why would she want to keep tabs on me?

    • I don't know I could only assume that maybe she still cares about you/interested if you have moved on or not.

What Girls Said 2

  • to answer your comment on that guys comment— she's prolly checking up on you to see if you "look" miserable or sum shit like that without her. i think it's a good thing the relationship is over, from what im reading.

    • but that has to mean she still cares though right? And yeah you are right, it was toxic, I guess i want to feel like I'm not that easily replaced or worthless like she made me feel. Like she has regrets.

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    • @Igarcia339 @Igarcia339 thank you for your advice :) and since I know she watches my stuff, I've been posting really positive and happy things and my new hair and stuff like that lol just to show her Im not phased. But she may think I'm doing it on purpose. So maybe yeah I do need to tone it down, but yes we haven't had contact since a month.

    • lol thank you for your honest opinion, it helped.

  • Maybe she doesn't know you can see it? Some people don't know how to use apps sometimes maybe? Or she just wants to keep tabs on you


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