Does that mean he wasn't cheating?

I kept asking and nagging and accusing that he's playing and cheating on me. coz he's ex keeps texting me that they are still together.
so he told me he's sick and tired of me saying that so he broke up with me.
does that mean he wasn't cheating?
SHE the is texting me that my boyfriend and her were still together and that he's playing with both of us
the ex wants him back. he told me she wants him back. he's sister tells me she wants him back. well anyways I cried he cried. he told me he's tired of me wondering if he's sleeping with other girls or the ex. when he's told me many times he's not. we did end up getting back together and I'm doing my best to trust him and not believe what this other girl is saying. I promised not to text or reply to the ex if she text me so that there won't be anymore drama. I just hope he really isn't cheating.


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  • Wait, what? He's texting you he's with her and you ask that? Of course he was. You were the side girl, now cut loose.


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  • use your brain and ask for proof of recent texts by the both of them.
    if they are together still she will have recent texts from him. if she makes excuses to why she can't send you proof. ask to meet up and see the texts. if still excuses then it isn't true.


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  • Maybe , it could mean he's had enough of you not trusting him


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