GUYS: Why would you not return my "stuff" if you are the dumper?

In short it was a fairly amicable breakup... We are currently long distance and both have rigorous careers. By stuff I don't mean clothes and such. I mean an heirloom ring given to me by my grandmother that he used to propose to me. I have asked for it 3 times and I get fluff responses from him. Is it because he is avoiding me? Holding onto me? It's not because he lost it or doesn't care. He knows full-wel the value of it...

We had an amazing relationship. There was passion, admiration and adoration. At the time of the breakup he said he couldn't juggle his career and the distance. Said "letiting me go was likely the biggest mistake of his life".

So why not let me go?


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What Guys Said 2

  • he can't get over you probably or he is a hoarder to previous memories

    • Thank you... He had it good with me. He can treasure my memory in his mind. Not my ring. Bunch of bullshit lol

  • He's using it as a sex toy.

    • Yes you are right... That's exactly what he is likely doing

What Girls Said 1

  • It's a way of him holding onto you I believe, if he's an emotional type.

    If he's not he may be looking to sell it or is bitter and trying to have some leverage over you

    • He is definitely the emotional type. When he bought me a diamond ring he would wear my grandmothers around his neck "to feel close to me". He didn't/wouldn't sell the ring. The ring has little monetary value; all sentimental value. It's just maddening that he dumped me and broke my heart but won't let me move on. Honesty if it was the diamond ring I'd say f*ck it and cut my losses but this was from my deceased grandmother 🤔

    • Why did he dump you?

      Seriously tho if he won't give it back, call the cops. Let him know you're going to do that and I'm sure he'll give it back. That's your property.

      If he's emotional and acts like you say, it seems as it's a token to remember you. But since he dumped you in the first place, and it's YOUR ring, he should give it back.

      Trade your diamond ring for your grandmas

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