Snapchat and my ex what do you think?

So my ex is literally the first person to view my snaps and he views them all. But I wonder if I should just delete him. He broke my heart so I wouldn't mind him seeing me happy looking good and moving on. But I'd also like to be a little mysterious and maybe make him wonder about my life instead of getting to see it all via social media. What have you all done?


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What Guys Said 2

  • I would I had a girl that would follow my fb and snaps and go out of her way to cause problems in my new relationships

  • lol you should "accidentally" send a pic of you and some guy to him and be like "me and the new bae"

    • that is so obvious :)) he would just think you are so desperate , so don't do it

What Girls Said 1

  • i think it is good for your ego, that he still cares, but if it's bothering you you should delete him, i just deleted my ex yesterday :)) he posted way too much pics with girls so i had enough, it's not worth it if it's makes you think about him more


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