My ex dropped me out of nowhere?

Long story short, I'm 19 and the guy who took my senior pictures is 31. We were really good friends, and started working together at a restaurant this past fall. Basically, we had a thing, people at work found out after he grabbed my butt in the middle of the dining room, spread stuff throughout the whole restaurant, management found out and told him that he had to end things with me if he was gonna take the promotion they offered him. He thinks I told everyone that we were together and about what we were doing, and after a lot of really bad fights, he told me we would take a break while we both worked there and that we'd talk about what happened when the timing was better. I quit after all the problems they put me through working there, what they told me was not the same thing they told him, and he never bothered to contact me after until I messaged him three weeks after he told me we'd talk. I tried so hard, explained everything to him and took the blame for everything. I told him I still feel the same way we did and would rather have something, rather than nothing, even if it doesn't turn in to anything. He basically told me he's over it and doesn't care bc of what he's heard.

He always told me we would see where things go, turned me on a lot of my guy friends, lied to me about a lot of things, and had no respect for me or my feelings in the end. Next thing I know, everyone was telling me that he's dating a girl with the same name as me and that she looks an awful lot like me. He spent almost three months on me and I couldn't get him to think about committing to anything. I don't understand why he couldn't just reason and listen to me in the end. This girl was a big slap in the face.

Megan (Me):My ex dropped me out of nowhere?

Meaghan (Her):

To add, he used to be an alcoholic (still is one, if you ask me), and was very addicted to sex and porn.

But it just keeps hitting me that he moved on. I didn't understand why he got to treat me like he did and she got all the good parts of him, with no repercussions. And he doesn't even care. I tried to be the best I could be to him and he honestly brought out the best in me for a long time. I don't understand how he just turned on me like he did. And I have to work w him.
I just don't understand what I did so wrong. Everything was fine til he refused to give me any benefit of the doubt. He's been bragging that he has a girlfriend, & one of the girls I asked about it told me she has nothing to say to me bc she's good friends with him & is sorry that my feelings are hurt, but his happiness is all the matters. She told him & said it'd be best if he lost all contact w/ me online & he blocked me. She doesn't know anything that happened & it wasn't her place to do so.


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  • 19 and 31 is quite the... age difference


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  • Girl... I'm not just saying this to make you feel better. it's the damn truth! you are 1000 times prettier than that ^ My advice would be to move on from him. he is downgrading big time, not your loss... it's his. Good luck to you.

    • Aw, thank you. That's really nice of you, and I really appreciate your advice. And yes you did make me feel a little bit better (even if it was at her expense lol).

    • I only speak the truth girl lol Good luck to you!

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  • ewww


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  • I'm sorry to say but it sounds like he could have been just using you or he just didn't develop the same feelings as you. One of the biggest lessons in life that we all have to learn is that not everyone is gunna see things from our point of view. Not everyone especially men will share the same thoughts and feelings that we do and we need to learn except that and move on for our own good. You are just going through the motions right now but they will pass over time. Be patient with yourself.

    • The thing is is that he led me on, lied to me, and turned everything on me. If he didn't feel the same way then he should have told me that. A 31 year old man shouldn't have to be told right from wrong, or taught basic respect.

    • Yes and that's the lesson you have learned from this situation just as I said not everyone is going to see things from your point of view including 31 year old males

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