Ex blocked me on several things but not my phone number?

we spilt a while ago I am seeing someone else. My friends asked me why I still have him on my phone. I just couldn't delete his number I just don't talk to him anymore. He did the same. I just always thought since he was immature and blocked me on everything why not block my number as well. Always found that weird. Just curious. It was a relationship wih deep feeling but we just hurt eachother and he knows I am seeing someone else. Greatful for any comments thaks!
P. s I don't want advice on what I should do. I am purely asking why he would do that. Thanks.


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  • Keeping a line of communication open on a just in case basis.


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  • Because blocking a phone number takes more effort than a button click. if he doesn't have your number anymore that's just as good.

  • He still wants you back.

    • I don't know. He I initiated the break up then wanted him back. Then he ended it. It was a rough time I still care about him very much. Never got closure.

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    • I don't know about dating & breakups etc but I know that could mean he still yearns for your love and is clinging on to getting a call from you maybe someday?

    • Just my opinion

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  • Why do you care? You are seeing someone else yet you devote time and energy to thinking about your ex. Delete his number and move on with your life. You can't have a new chapter if you don't end the one before it

    • We don't talk. We had the type of relationship where it was like even if we aren't together we would care about eachother and I am just unsettled about the way it ended. He thinks I hate him and I don't. It's a long story I am just struggling contemplating if I should tell him I don't hate him and I'm content. He's a good man just a hard life. He knows I'm seeing someone else

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    • Your just prolonging the inevitable. You want closure, end all communication with him. You keep popping back into his life and neither of you will ever move on. Doesn't matter that you don't hate him, doesn't matter what type of relationship you HAD. The key point is it's over and you need to come to terms with that.

    • I get what you're saying but I don't reach out to him anyways I don't want him like that. My original ideation why he didn't delete my number when he blocked me on everything else

  • Move on. being with the same person get's boring and will make you crazy. I had a good time with out my X... paying my bills on time. Having money to eat. working and people liked me more. Now I'm kind of stuck. and I feel like really killing my self. she's hit me with a pick axe and went to jail. after that scratched my left eye. I don't see as good and my left eye waters all the time.

    • No not with him. We just had the type of thing where it was like we'd still be friend when we were not together like he knew my deepest secrets and I feel bad because it ended ugly. I just want him to know I don't hate him. He's a good man

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    • I don't know the last texts were like ending it texts so I feel weird about trying to have a friend ship. Do I look desperate if it comes across that I want to maintain a friend ship or just randomly ask how he's doing. Not sure

    • Maybe not desperate but determined... Or you just need closure. Things did'nt end right. Or you just care about that person.

  • If you're seeing someone new you should delete his number honestly. You saying that's you just couldn't delete his number seems like you aren't over him. And you're seeing someone else to convince yourself that you are over him. If you don't talk to him you have no use for his number especially if you're with someone else.

    If he blocks you but keeps your number shouldn't matter to you. Don't focus on that you guys broke up so trying to understand that isn't worth your time. Caring about this is pointless if they aren't in your life.

    • Good point. I just struggle because he's had so much heart ache in his life and I don't want him to think he's broken me or I hate him. I just struggle with that.

    • Honestly if you deleted his number he wouldn't know. He wouldn't get a notification that you deleted it. You're not with him so what he thinks about you shouldn't matter to you. He left and that's for him to deal with and for you to move on. Holding on to it isn't good for you.

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