I still love her?

So there I found my love we have been together for more than 2 years, but than she broke with me through a sms.

So sad, ok I start to hate her in the beginning but than I come along that we should be friends so we are talking almost every week on face and instagram but she never want to call me.

P. S ah also after she broke up with me she found someone and get together after 1 year she broke up with that guy too. So now she doesn't have a boyfriend.

She is nice with me she always ask me about my family and she give me the best advices. Is she still in love with me? How can tell her that I still love her...


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  • You haven't moved on

    • Nope I still haven't started yet... 😐

What Guys Said 2

  • Sorry bro she is using you because you are nice and her "comfort" she knows you will always be there for her when she's down , that's why she strings you along, if she left, and especially got with another then she will do it again. Don't be her puppet , try not being there for her and maybe she will realize what she had and try to get back with you but as long as you are at her beckon call then you don't stand a chance.. move on.. live your life and don't worry about her. Trust me on this I used to be you , multiple times with different girls and it never turned out good for me , it just ends up hurting you more next time she wants to hook up with someone else , try getting another girl and moving on , I know it's hard but keep your self respect and find someone who still respects you because this girl doesn't have respect for you.. girls don't like guys that are too nice , maybe as their friend but not as boyfriend especially young girls , show her you are a man and stand up for yourself , things will work out for you even if it's not with her.. it took me along time for me to see this..

    • Thanks for your words. Is realy comforting to read about it. Is very hard...

    • Trust me I know and I watched my ex leave and come back after 3 other guys over 3 years after we broke up , I thought if I showed her that it was me that really loved her and she knew they didn't then she would come back and she did but just till she found another , it was to make her feel better , some girls can't be alone.. it dragged everything out and made it worse.. some girls aren't looking for love at that time so they want to play the field , you should too

  • Block her and move on with your life.

    • I wish is that easy! She makes me feel better when she talks to me. I know I should not speak to her even think about her but still this word but... comes up in my mind

    • that's why you block her lol. the point is to remove her from your life entirely. you still have feelings for her because she's still around. get her out and give yourself enough time to forget about her. she moved on a long time ago, you should have too.

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