Today it was awkward at work.. I was tense?

Hello, today was my worst day at work.. I decided to be normal. Suddenly when that gal whom stopped talking to pass by desk not even saying a Hello.. I used to care for her n used sweet words as a start on text.. That gurl will soon marry. I understand that.

She was talking to everyone, even with my friends. But not with me. When she passed by desk, I glanced while working. She looked down n walk away..
I wonder what thgs horrible I have done that she acts like that.

I couldn't even eat. Am worried because if she continues to act that way, everyone will notice my behaviour... . So tense between her n me..
I felt like crying. My voice changed n I even done some mistakes at work..

I feel so guilty.. It should not have happened. I can't even say a Hello.. .

On Friday she sent a text asking access. She started by " hello, hope u r fine.. "
what did she mean by that.. ?
I fear every day she will pass by n I will feel da same..
I am thking I never had sex with her. N she is acting like that. Why,?
I wonder if I had sex with her what would b our reaction...

In April the whole support team will b going on an outing.. Since will b there. I am still thking if I hv to go.. I won't b able to face that..

Was caring for a gal married or not an offence... ?

It badly hurts. please advice..


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  • Dude, you're a man. MAN UP. Don't behave like a pussy. ONE girl not liking you doesn't mean the whole world should end. Get out there and explore the world of many beautiful women. Develop yourself, your confidence I can bet you you could get a new even better girl by your side If you changed your thinking and exerted more confidence and style.

    Try and develop yourself more socially, do more activites during your weekend that pushes you to do small talk with many people. This will develop and help you get that better chick you want.

    You could even get a far hotter girl that would make this current girl jealous If you set your mind to it. So go out there and explore bro.

    • Hello, I really want to.. Infact at work n everywhere I go people do wave at me. There r many gals who I talk to. But with da chick at work, I did care. It doesn't happen with everyone. I guess when I feel at ease with some one its all natural in me..
      I never thought of sex with that one. But even she is married, I guess other guys would thk of sex with her if they were in my place.

    • Actually do u think I was harassing this gurl at work? Coz I have the impression that those who talked her out bcoz of me, I bet they hv used that term with her "if I continue to harass her..."..

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