For what reasons would you constantly contact your ex?

And I do mean CONSTANTLY. It has been a year since I've actually answered any of his calls/text/messages. Now that I've started, he calls/text/messages nearly all day everyday. Even if he's busy. He'll stop what he's doing with his friends to call. Just to say "hi, how are you doing, what's going on." etc.

He'll sometimes be a little bold. And flirt with me and tease me. Since he was the one to break up with me, I'm a little weary of his advances and stay on guard. I always try my best to steer the subject away from the break up. Sometimes it's inevitable. Sometimes he'll talk about some of the fun and happy memories we had together. And when any of the bad ones pop-up he says. "Don't worry about the past. Worry about the present."

He accidentally called me love, and dear. But will sometimes casually mention how good looking another girl is in front of me. When his friend asked him if he was in a relationship he said. "No, we're just talking right now. I'm trying to get a feel for my options and the situation." He talks about visiting, or me visiting him with open arms. He's sometimes affectionate with me, but normally minds what he does or says.

I feel like he's trying to pursue me, and that some of his feelings are still lingering. But when I was speaking with my friend. He has recently said he was "done with relationships right now" and "isn't ready to get back in one." So what other reason would you do this to your ex besides revenge? I've done nothing wrong, he broke up with me gently giving me lame excuses, and talking so smoothly to me, I was for sure the break up was a mistake. Is this wishful thinking on my part? Or is he playing around with me? We were together for nearly 3 years in a serious relationship. The break up was random.


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  • He broke up with you...why are you still talking to him-change your email/phone number/move!

    It sounds like he wants back in, although the ball is in your court since he was the one who initiated the break up. Find someone else that isn't so easy to break up with you.


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