Please help with my situation I am so confused about this situation?

So my ex and I have been broken up for almost 6 months.. In the month of January we were starting to hang out and hook up but the whole reason is that he is unsure where this relationship is going.. So I told him that I can't be the person who just the hook up and and a place to stay without knowing where this is going so I left him alone for a week and he txted me the next weekend at 2 am about a guitar for my daughter that was almost two weeks ago so I txted him a couple days ago if he was serious and he said he's been really busy with work lately and he has to fix it still.. I txted him tonight and no response so is he trying to get a reaction out of me..
What do you guys think.. I think it's safe to say that it's probably over and I should leave him alone.. Or do you think he just using my daughter as a pawn.. I don't know I'm really confused about the whole situation.. What do you think I should do is he mad that I gave him an ultimatum or is he just busy.. I mean we were txting about the guitar but now I txted him and he completely shuts down


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  • He just wants to hook up with you


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