How break-up with someone you love?

how do you breakup with someone you love.
like if they are better off without you.
how can you show them they are better off so they know its you and not them.
i dont want to break his heart. but im not good enough for him.
im not good enough for anyone


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  • They say if you truly love something set it free. I feel this is an odd expression because who must be more in love with that person than that person who is willing to sacrifice their own happiness for the sake of the one they love. I'd say reconsider the break up. You must be good enough for him if you care that deeply. Try and be the person you think they want in their life, be the best you you can be: don't break up because you love and care about them.

  • tell him unless he ready to marry you by tomorrow then your done as you can't wait for him forever. If he does propose then say this is moving to fast I need some time to myself.


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