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please help me, I wanted to break up with my boyfriend because he's not treating me and whenever I bought up us breaking up he drank and crashed his car and said he loves me and all that. I bought it up again today because previously I was married and got divorced and just can't move on I've been with him for a year trying to break up but can't cuz of him harming himself. he took pills and now he's really sick and he won't tell me wht he took. I don't know what to do i just what to die cuz my past has been so rough and now this. i do love him but I can't move on and whenever I talk about breaking up he does this please help me i know this is a much serious problem and I should go to emergency cuz of suicidal thoughts as I was told to do before but im just to scared I don't know who to talk to or what to do..


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  • His reaction to your desire to live happily without him is leading to his demise. That in itself should show you he's not comfortable within his own skin and not good boyfriend material. Don't worry about him because you can't teach a reckless old dog new tricks. One smile at a time, live for your peace of mind. If he's that selfish to throw a tantrum because you brought up breaking up with him, that should be enough to conclude that dude is Hella unstable. There's 7 billion other fish in the sea


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  • Relax. Breakup with him by a text or phone call even if he tried to hurt or harm himself it his issue not yours.


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  • Break up with him over text as he clearly does not deserve to be treated with respect as he has none for you. Then to avoid further complications block him from all aspects of your life including social media.


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