Death and a break up? Wtf do I do?

I recently broke up with the love of my life. The woman i wanted to spend my life with. The woman i dont want to imagine a future without, and who i miss every second of every day. It has been absolute hell. Then on top of this my brother overdosed and died 2 days ago. My brother who was only 2 years older than me, who has been a part of my very oldest memories, who i grew up with, and who i struggled through addiction with. I can't imagine how life goes on now... wtf am i supposed to do?


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  • Omygosh! I thought i was in a bad spot! Im sorry to hear that... But why did u break up with her? I think you should deal with family then maybe get her back.

    • Well she broke up with me but its a long story. I can tell she still has feelings for me but i may be moving back closer to home cuz my mom is not doing well and she really needs me. And if i move back home im moving 5 hours away from her. I can't be with both

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  • Only thing you can do is deal with it. Pull through and move on to other happiness

    • No offense bro but u dont know dick about suffering i dont care what u think youve been through. Dont pretend to be able to give me advice on shit like this. I was looking for advice from people who have lived through some shit and could share what may have helped them.

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    • fair enough will give you that

    • Thanks bro. No hard feelings

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