I guess you could say I moved in during a vulnerable point?

When I met my current boyfriend he wasn't single but I had a really strong attraction to him. I started seeing him while he was still with his girlfriend and he was with me more than her everyday. Yes we were having sex but I honestly felt like I was important to him. once they broke up I kind of filled her space. But he continued texting her for 2 months and I didn't want to complain cause I don't want to be bitchy. She was just awful to him and lied about honestly everything so I don't know why he can't just tell her to go away. It's been six months now and she repeatedly texts him and I know he doesn't answer but I'm still jealous. She stalks me in Facebook and harasses me but I can't blame him for that. Should I tell her off? I know I should've expected this but no one likes a crazy ex.


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  • Well, ...think of it this way.

    What if you were in the place of that girl, and your boyfriend cheated on you and had sex with another woman? Would you have liked that?

    Yes, she might have an awful personality but it still must have affected her.

    Nobody wants to get betrayed and if you were in her shoes, I'm sure you would have felt bitter as well. She has to vent her feelings somehow, so she's taking it out on you and the guy.

    Yes, it's not right, but still -- what you guys did behind her back wasn't right either.

    I'm not trying to give you a moral lesson, nor am I trying to justify what she did or make excuses for her, but I can relate to her so I understand how she must be feeling right now.

    Best of luck to you though. I know you get attracted to someone and when they show signs that they like you back, well -- it's tempting. But just put yourself in her place and think of how she must be feeling right now.

    I've been cheated on and I never want to feel that again.

  • when I was dating my ex my mom kept telling me oh he's cheating on you and this and that. gave me all these reasons. unfortunately I started believing her. anyway to my point I flat out asked him after we broke up if I was the other woman and he pretty much told me I was to p*ss me off. and it worked. and I will be honest I would've done the same thing his ex is doing if I could have. so my best guess would be that right now she's just hurt and p*ssed off. so she's not thinking straight. I wouldn't tell her off for that could just set her off. and everyone gets over things at a different rate. right now she's probably looking for someone to blame for the relationship ending and your the target she chose. I would try like blocking her or stuff like that. see if after awhile she quits. which my guess she will eventually. for she should eventually stop being angry and get over it and leave you alone.


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