What the heck am I dealing with here?

Ok, ex left me four months ago, she says she bought a storage unit, she's moved a few boxes of stuff, we talk occasionally, we've had a few romps since the breakup, but here's where I get curious, she says it's still over, but if she really wanted to, she could have had ten friends in five trucks empty the house in an hour.

Am I reading too much into this, or is this a sign that she's not done yet? She's also drug her feet getting the bills out of her name and I to mine.


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  • I would just ask her. We can give opinions about how she "might" be feeling but you'll never really know unless you ask. Maybe ask her to tell you why she wanted the break up and see if a resolution can be reached if you both still want the relationship

    • She says she doesn't, but tells others that she still loves me, but she just won't come clean with me. Yet she could've done this all months ago and just keeps dragging it out, assuming this is the direction she wants to go.

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    • Unfortunately I don't think her actions mean she wants you back. She seems like a procrastinator

    • She is that as well.

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