Guys, my ex contacted me to tell me about his interview gone well. We never talk since I broke up with him around one year ago. Why did he do that?

We were together for about two years and lived together ten months. I had to break up because life was miserable lately and we were just not a good match. I cried all the time and felt in a cage. His jealousy killed it all. I changed his life. He was not in a good position and very lost. I worked like crazy to get him back on the track, I set goals for him to work toward to, I took care of him also financially when he has needed my help, I motivated him to go back to his home country to pass his last exam to get degree (he had given up two years earlier), I helped him getting back into his field in a new country, etc. He told me he was thinking of the times I told him to never give up and of the endless efforts I made to motivate him, that I was such a good example to him and that he is happy to have had me in his life. This interview might give him a major career and life advancement. Why is he doing that?


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  • Well maybe he just wants to show you he's keeping up with what you helped him with and I guess it's a way to thank you?
    Or maybe he just wants a way to start talking to you again, can be both.

    • He is kinda getting nostalgic. He said he misses my mum and sent me two pics of us saying it was just one year ago.

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    • I miss my date a lot. We have dated only two months but we took it slow and I think it was not just sex for him because his actions proved it. However, they have history, we do not, so he got confused tried to gain time with me and finally said they are not together but what she said screwed with his head. No contact since 1 week and I wish so much he would come back. I realised I have kinda fallen for him. I need to get my hopes down because he probably will get back together with her to see if they can figure things out.

    • Yeah :/ that sucks, that's why I take at least a year without any relationships to really get over someone, that way even if they come with smooth talk I'll be more numb to it and it won't affect me.
      Well I hope everything goes well with you and you can move on :X anything you need anything or just need to talk you can pm me. At any time.

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