To break up with the man I love?

I love my boyfriend very much. I dreamt of a life with him. but I believe he just don't know.
he said he loves me and he wants me.
I got pregnant. today I'm 16 weeks pregnant.
I've always thought he's true with me. he introduced me to his family to his kids.
blind trust?
well the babymama wants him back.
I asked him if he would get back with her
he told me he wants me.
I just feel now that he doesn't know what he wants.
I really love him and want a life with him and our child together
but I feel that I should breakup with him. even though I don't want to.
I don't want him to feel tied down to me just because I got pregnant.
I want him to want to be with me because he loves me
which he has said many times that he loves me.
but I feel like he's just not that commited to me as I am to him.
and I think I should break up with him to give him the chance what he wants with us.

I do love him a lot. and this decision is really hard.


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  • If he said he wants you then stay with him but it never works to go back to the first one so he'll know that and that's why he is staying with you


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