What the hell do I do?

I've been downing about 4 bottles of jack a day... burned through 4 cartons of cigarettes a day, she took the kids, the car, the house, everything...


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  • Just think, many people have had the same/similar thing happen to them.

    I know a man who's had the exact same thing happen to him. He ended up losing nearly everything he had: almost 85% of his assets plus child support, and can only see his kids in the holidays or weekends.

    At first he was deathly quiet. I didn't know him that well at the time but there were days when I could feel his sorrow. For someone that had to work long, hard hours on a farm... it's pretty tragic.

    But he has moved forward. Time did its thing. He kept going. Didn't stop for too long.

    Try not to rely on cigarettes and the drink. I'm just stating the obvious, you know why.
    Just remember that you're living your life. You technically have no obligation to anyone. Personal satisfaction should come above all, provided it doesn't hurt anyone else. I guess. Kind of sounds like I'm contradicting myself now...

    You know the way out. It's hidden by layers of emotion. But once you let it all pass... you'll know what to do. How to move on. Best of luck for the future.

    • Dude I'll give you MHO when I can but its a joke
      Like 4 CARTONS of cigs a day?
      4 bottles of jack in a day would kill someone

    • It's their life... they know they are damaging their health. I'M not going to jump down their throat, that's everyone else's job. This man isn't stupid. I'm just saying it as it is: there is a way out, destructive behaviours is a way of coping, but it is up to him to get out. No one else can do it for him. The longer you spend in nowhereland, the longer you'll stay there. Just my 2 cents.

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  • Under 18 with a wife (ex) and kids (plural)? And downing a bottles of Jack a day? Some things are hard to believe.


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  • No a joke!


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  • You find a willing ear, and talk let out all your thoughts. Then, you pick yourself up, and try again, in this new life that you have been granted.

  • get your life together?


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