Girls, My girlfriend needs to find space. How do I get her back?

Just a little background, we were dating for 5 months. I was just looking for something casual in the beginning and didn't expect to find a great girl. I'm also I private person and since I didn't know this person I wasn't exactly honest with her about where I worked or where I lived, didn't want her to stalk me. Anyway as I began to have feelings for her I told her the truth, she was hurt but we decided to work on things. I thought things were going well, she said she wanted to meet friends and family. She said she loved me and was committed to making this work. All of the sudden she says she wants to end things because she needs to grow and find out who she is. She said for me not to contact her and she left the car. she's 21 I'm 31. I didn't know what the hell was going on so i called to ask for a meet and she did out of respect she says. I talked to her about it and says she's not ready for commitment to any guy not just me. She said at first she was looking for love but that lie I told she realized she's not ready for a relationship. I asked if I didn't lie would we still be here, she said she didn't know but most likely there would have been something else to make her "realize" she's not ready. When we were talking she told me it would be the last time I see her and asked me to stop fighting for her. But during this time she reached out to hold my hands and I could see tears pooling in her eye though they never fell. I told her do you really want to do this, she said a part of her wants to stay and a part of her wants to go but she NEEDS to listen to the part that says go. My question is, I love this girl with all my heart, she asked me to stop fighting for her but I can't. What should I do, how long should I wait to contact her? Or should I Let her go is there a chance


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  • If someone tells you to stop fighting for them, they no longer want you. Yes it hurts so much, but that person is not worth it. My ex told me the same thing almost, for me not to wait for him and date other guys. I really do love him, but you know what I discovered? He is not worth fighting for. Here I was crying my heart out over a guy who couldn't care less, when I'm missing out on a guy who will want me in his life. Nothing can convince her and by holding onto her, you are destroying your own life, believe me they don't care what sacrifices we make.

    • So I should take the fact out that she said part of her didn't want to go and that she was crying when she was going this

    • Yes because I can tell you, if someone truly loves you they will never tell you to let go or in my case date other people. After going through something similar I see through all the BS tears and hurt feelings.

  • She meant she wants to move on

    • For good? She's left before for other reasons, but I always fought for her and she always told me she was glad that I did.

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