Guys, Ex dumped me and now spreads rumours about me. Why?

Me and my ex have had a really bad breakup. After he left i tried to contact him, but he chose not to answer to me directly. Instead he badmouthed me at his friends, and if he would like for me to hear anything regarding us, he'd tell it to my cousin (who happens to be his friend too).

I don't understand why wouldn't he be a man enough and confront me. He is 34 now. I feel very sad everyday because of his reactions.

Have you ever done this to your ex guys?

PPS i never cheated or lied to him.


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  • his fucked up to even do that even if the relationship ended up ending bad or good he shouldn't be saying all that even more if you don't deserve it you should ignore him and move on and forget about him

  • Let it roll off of you when everyone sees him dissing a person who he cho


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