What goes through a woman's head during no contact?

What does she feel during the first week up until a month? Does shy get sad? Does she get angry? Curious? I would like to hear from mainly women since they suffer during this time.


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  • I'd wonder why they stopped talking to me but it depends on the situation. If we had broken up I'd expect you not to contact me

    • Would you be hurt if it was 6 month relationship or no?

    • I'd be hurt but id get over it

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  • If she has some kind of attraction for you then she will wonder why you stop talking to her.

    If she doesn't give a fuck about you she won't notice.

    • If the relationship was at the 6 month point?

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    • true.

    • Ugh! So mean! U guys r still kids tho.
      I tell you i hurt a lot of guys that think like u. N didn't care too. But remember this, the right girl will come n u will at one point will get hurt. U jus haven't met her yet. N wen u do u will ask the same? Believe me I kno. I never been hurt like this before. N it fkn sucks! Well i hope u dont i hope no one will ever feel what i feel rn.. 😔

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  • Im going through that rn. These are my thots n feelngs
    1. Is he hurting like me?
    2. Who is he with?
    3. Does he love me, care?
    4. Check his social media page. I kno i shouldnt'
    5. Maybe it is time to move on. Maybe he doesn't love me anymore... but i want him back😩 So i cry some more.

  • Well who dumb who? What was the reason for the breakup? And for sure I have an answer for this


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