What would a guy thinks if his ex girlfriend change her phone immediately after he dump her?

So my ex dump me, the night before we broke up, I was apologetic and telling I love him. The morning he broke with me by text, He said " I should never contact him again, and have a good life." I just replied you as well. Then I change my phone number after the brake up, and cut everyone he we share contact with. And block him and all of them on social Media. What the ex boyfriend that dump me would think of that? anyway if he cares. I don't think he is. But anyway, what would a guy thinks of that?


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  • that is really over and that probably no way going back and keep it moving pretty mucj

  • Probably bothers him


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  • WOW! You are brave!!! I wish i can be like you. Im still looking at my phn n hoping for something. How did you do it? R u not hurting?

    • Hi Cheche! I loved him and it hurts. What can I do? I have to move on. I'm proud of myself I don't beg man to be with me, they have to seek for me. He dumped me, I do not think that I loose him, I just think that he lost me instead, and he didn't know my worth! and I will make him regret me, by being happy, independent enjoying life, so wine and hypnotic will help at the first couple days. Focus on yourself and something else. He/his name and memories will come back to your mind, just remind yourself nope i need to move on. A man doesn't define your happiness and life style.

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    • Same here I wish I could be as strong as you it's been a week since I last spoke with my ex and all I want to do is be in bed and cry until he calls me back

    • Igarcia339 Girl, don't destroy yourself, I swear man are like dog. As I say focus on yourself be happy! Do positive self-talk, each he come to your thoughts

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