I feel so empty, will she ever regret what she did?

I feel very empty and depressed, I've gone through two heart breaks before and this time it isn't as bad. Im more sad becuase of what we had and how long the relationship lasted, it was my first real one. When we met, she got out of a 7 year relationship, I know it was a rebound. But she kept insisting it wasn't, after 3 -4 months she turned to dxm and she was feeling the hurt from the last relationship, I knew becuase her ex reached out to her. I broke up with her once and she begged me back, so I decided to give her another chance. She put me through so much, being high with me all the time, overdosed and almost died twice, each time I was there , each time I felt the pain, 2nd she wanted to be close to her ex again, I felt this was wrong because it was unfair to our relationship and me. It got to the point where the last time I saw her, I threw her favourite book that we just started reading together out the window, and we both exchanged nasty things to each other, I really do regret saying all those things, i just want her to be happy, I really wish she did feel something for me. We made it to 6 month mark. I'm deeply saddened to know that this amazing woman in the beginning had to go through all of the pain and I had to suffer, I wish the pain would go away becuase all I want to do is hold her and tell her everything is okay, even if she hurt me so many times.


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  • she will , but with how you guys are growing up in a world that is 100% different than the world i grew up in im not sure she will come back. but if she does you need to be more open and talk about everything. because you make a better bond knowing things than you would by just having fun. it might seem odd but going through things no mater how bad they are will make the bond even stronger if you guys can survive the pit falls life throws at you.

    • she told me she loved me, everyone around me could see it. i just feel that she didn't have the time to heal properly, i wish we took things slower in the beginning, i really regret not realizing until it was too late, i really felt she was the one, if she had the time , i knew that we would of grown so much together, we used to go for bike rides, hikes, cook together, do all sorts of activities together, but it was the way she used to lay her head on my chest at night and we would exchange so many feelings to eachother, we broke up a few days ago. she sounded like she had no emotion at the end. im scared that if it hits her and its harder this time, she will relapse. i tried to convince her and tried very hard to show her that we could make things work, i haven't contacted her since. i keep breaking down , crying a lot, and i know most people will bash any guy that admits his feelings. i just wish she could have seen what i saw in us. it makes me sad that the relationship is dead :'(

    • it might not be as dead as you think you might not see it clearly with how she has had a rough life and she doesn't expect anything to get better. she can smile and everything but unless she really believes its getting better she can't really be happy. and with what you said i would try and be there for her even if its not in the relationship kind of way. she needs to know your friends no matter what because you are not going to abandon her.

      just stick to your guns for her so she knows you are gonna be her rock when she finds her self
      on uneven grounds.

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