Ignore my ex or say hi?

So my ex and I work together we see each other all the time it's been over 3 weeks since I caught her cheating and ever since then I've been ignoring her at work and she's been doing the same. Usually we see each other pass in the hallway and such and that's it. No eye contact no hellos. Should I say hi or good afternoon to her or continue to ignore her?

She talked to my buddy last week at work and he relayed the message to me and she admitted that she slept with another guy even though her and I was exclusive! And she said she still cares about me lol... doubt that.

She's in the wrong not me she's the liar and cheater or should I not give her any of that satisfaction of attention by saying hello? It is the work place so I should act professional...


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  • If she cheated on you, she hurt you and that's not something she should expect to be able to push aside anytime soon. I would do the same thing if I were you. There's really no reason for you to talk with her if things are tense with you two. Plus, you need some time to heal and recover from it.

    I think her guilt is catching up to her quickly. She probably wants to appologize and talk it over with you about why she did cheat. In the workplace I can understand having to talk with her, keep it casual and buisness oriented only. Once you're outside of work, it's up to you. If you want to hear what she has to say, then by all means let her know you want to discuss the issue.
    If it's possible, you could also request different shift from hers at work, so you don't have to work with her each day. Or perhaps venturing somewhere else, so you don't have to see her and be around her constantly.
    I had an issue with one of my employees at my old job, it was a retail workplace and there was a ton of bullying behind the scenes. I got fed up with it and because I couldn't handle the constant stress, so I went to my employer and worked something out.
    I hope you are able to do the same.

    • Our relationship was going down it seemed like before she cheated and she told me before promise me not to make it awkward at work if this doesn't work out. So maybe she's not guilty at all and more concerned about her reputation?

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    • I already got dirty looks from some of her friends so she probably lied to them no way did she tell them she cheated.

    • She clearly cares mostly about her status and rep among everyone and her friends especially, so it wouldn't surprise me if she told them it was all you.
      But, don't let this get to you. Let her lie to her friends about it. Lies can only last for so long before the truth breaks through and when it does her reputation will be ruined.

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  • Dont chase that hoe. Let a hoe be a hoe. Let her go


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  • she talked to your buddy, not you. if she really cares about you, she shouldn't care about another guy.

    • She would talk to him anyways for advice

    • as a girl, I'll never tell anyone about my false otherwise I want to defend myself. if you want her, have a talk with her. ask him about what had happened and why.

      make sure it's not happen twice us, bro. good luck!

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  • Ignore her like she doesn't exist!

    • Will do. Seems like she talked shit and lied behind my back been getting dirty looks from her co workers lmao

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