I had a 3 months online boyfriend.
We live 1000KM away but we planned meeting each other. We are both busy in our lifes as professional, him as a businessperson and I as an accounting. Lately, he has problems encountered in his business. Before, we were good, happy and contented. But one day, he changed and seldom talks to me. He always say he went out with his guy friends especially during weekends. During Valentine's Day, I greeted him on facebook but he just seenzoned it. Five days later , he becomes cold told me that I am not the guy for you, please find someone else who is near to you. You are perfect and I am not. You are so kind, you deserve a better man. I am bad person.

Three days later he stopped talking to me and blocked me on facebook, Skype, whatsapp and all contacts we have.
Revised title: Boyfriend leaves me with no reason


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  • Hear this one a lot but it's usually not true - No one is too busy for their lovers, if they are then they are simply just not making time. OBviously he goes out with his friends because you said it he does - even the president has time to play golf

    Second - he's obviously breaking up with you

  • without reading all the paragraph the first one says why he would have a reason to break up with you.. Internet relationship doesn't work.. most of the times doesn't


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