Do you think it is okay to ghost someone you have been very close with for months and months because you got upset?

This guy "friend" did this to me, and I am really wondering. Ghosting is usually reserved for when you first meet someone and are getting to know them. Why would someone who you have known for months and months who you both cared very much for each other ghost because they got their feelings hurt by you. Why not just say goodbye. I have tried reaching out but he refuses to just say goodbye or take care. Why?


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  • because he's above your bullshit. He sees your actions for what they are. You miss him/feel bad about how things ended so you want things to end on your terms, well too bad, you're not getting your cake and eating it as well.

    • Honestly, I made a mistake and regret it enough to change the behavior. What I am asking is if he is done why would he not say goodbye or take or reply to me asking if we are still friends, sometimes it takes communicating even to end things.

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    • Aww thank you and I wish you all the best as well :)! It really does suck when you don't get that closure you crave, unfortunately that's life sometimes. I've been there. My ex never admitted to or apologised to cheating even though I know for a fact she did. Not getting closure is a crappy feeling to say the least.

    • yes, but God can heal all and you deserve much better than any female that will cheat on you, forgive her and find someone who loves correctly and shows it. Thanks again!

  • Man, you love that guy a lot.

    • I realized too late how much I do care about him, all I want now is the truth if he doesn't care at all I just wish he would say so so I can try to move on, but I guess I will have to go on with no answer I just don't understand if says he is Christian how he can not forgive me and then say goodbye if that's what he wants, the no response is kind of cruel in my opinion since he said he cared so much

    • I forgive you. Come marry me!😛

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