How do I go about this?

On Monday my girlfriend and I broke up. We dated for 11 months, it was 11 months last week. We broke up on Monday, and I do miss her. I can tell she keeps up with me because she looks at my snapchat, and still has pictures of us on her FB account, so maybe there's a chance? I've been trying to find a way to message her, and spark up a conversation again, and I have noticed she left her videogame here. Should I text her, and ask her if she would like it? Would that be a good way? Or is it too soon?
  • It is a good way, but wait a few days later.
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  • It is a good way, and you should do it now.
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  • I know another way. (please specify when and how)
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Edit: Another reason why i think she keeps up with me, is because she changed her facebook profile picture to her wearing my hoodie.


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  • I think wait a few days and then text her


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