Ex blocking you on social media, how do you feel?

Basically I got into a complicated relationship but 7 months later I ended it because it was just not going anywhere. We still loved each other at the time but it was just not working out and it was best to just break up, we were destructive to one another. For the whole four months we broke up I never texted him. I instantly removed him (not blocked) from social media and he begged me not to do that. I didn't hear his plea. It's better to move on this way for me.

But in that four months apparently he had been stalking me despite already removing him on social media. I didn't mind it at the time. Four months later after feeling better on my part and finally partly moving on he started contacting me slowly and it eventually led to a phone call, a dinner. I thought I was okay anyway. But then things got destructive again between us so I finally let him go for good, he made me promise that we wouldn't lose contact but I just couldnt do it. I think it's best for us because we keep on being stuck in a rut. He always ran back to me but he also didn't know what he wanted and it was tiring for me. So I finally blocked him fully everywhere. Even his number. So my question is, how do you feel if your ex blocked you instantly, no goodbye, no explanation? Im interested in opinions of both sexes but I am rooting for the men to be participative.


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  • "your ex is an ex for a reason" I believe in this and never stalk anyone to harm them.

    by the way your decision was right. I think he wants to keep track of you and your future relationships so that at some point he could ruin those relationships.

    • I believe in what you said and thank you. I have come to term with things and I am happier.

      He was pretty toxic yes. So if you were in his shoes or if your ex blocked you how would you feel?

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    • Wow 🙌🏻🙌🏻 yeah no point really thank you!

    • thanks for the mho. glad I could help. by the way have some things to ask you.

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  • I would feel relieved and thank God lol

    • Was your ex that bad? 😂

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    • Now I feel bad about the laughing emoji 😞 sorry

      Well in your case it is not entirely possible to be rid of her as she is part of your kids' lives. But you can stop caring about her statement that she has a bad life because of you. You left and yet she is still miserable so it can't be you. A positive girl will move on and stop blaming another person for her failings it was like she hadn't gotten a choice. And again you left so you should focus on you and the kids ☺

    • It wasn't like she hadn't gotten a choice****

  • It would come just funny for me and I would think she is bored and dont want to talk with me and I wouldn't really care if my ex blocked me or not.

  • I think you did the right thing. There comes a point where you have to completely cut someone out of your life so you can move on. I think he will probably "stalk" you for a while, but hopefully he stops because that can be dangerous.

    • Hahah yeah I did the right thing no doubt about that I was just wondering how he took it you know. And I wonder if someone does this to you with no explanation what would you have thought?

      But thank you for your opinion ☺

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    • Its good that you're in a better place now.

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