Why is my ex contacting me?

I was dating this guy for about 4 months, and we were getting on really well, seeing each other a few times a week, then one day he just pulls away, saying I'm too into him and that he doesn't see himself falling in love with me, so we break up. After a month I contacted him, we met up for a drink but that was it. Then a couple of months later he requests to be friends on fb, and starts emailing me about once a week, we meet up for dinner one night, all very nice, just catching up like old friends. Then last night we went to a concert together and end up back in bed. Also, when we were together he was quite reluctant to meet any of my friends saying he wanted to take things slowly, and then yesterday he spends the whole day and evening with me and all my friends. I'm really confused, because I have no idea what he wants. I want to ask him but am too scared of what his response will be. Is he just doing this because he's lonely and hasn't met someone else yet?


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  • Normally someone that's "shy" / "nervous" isn't going to repeatedly send attempts to contact you after they have broken up with you. I was that type of guy and normally I would just get p*ssed off, hate the world, grumble to myself, and then ignore the girl that I "thought" was interesting.

    At this point, your question makes him sound like an absolute player.

    - You guys hit it off great, then break it off

    - a few months pass (actually just one month)

    - You invite him to coffee and still nothing is happening

    - a while passes again (this time a few months)

    - He tries to hit things off with you


    - then finally he reaches his goal of wanting to sleep with you

    I don't know what you see it like; all I can say is my impression of your quesiton. I really don't think he's the type of guy to pursue. But if you do choose to pursue him, what's the worst that could happen- The same sh*t with a new stranger.

    - Meaning most people go: "Omg you might fall in love with him and he'll leave you!" ... Let's not jump the gun, don't we fall in love with a lot of different people? Each person just holds a different amount of our love.

    Take care

    ~ ArtistBBoy


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  • Don't sleep with him. My guess is, he doesn't know what he wants. But he comes to you to clear his head and... well for a lay. Sounds harsh, but if he's drifting off and coming back only for sex, seems he's just using you.

  • yeah he's confused but save the vagina in the mean time.


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