She stopped saying I love you?

so we had a fight she said she needed space. now when we talk she's saying she's not comfortable saying I love you to me anymore. does this mean she doesn't love me or its some kind of punishment or head game?


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  • haha, don't get all upset.

    Women automatically throw negative moves and body language to guys to see their reactions. In the female brain their is a filtering system for attraction. It's mainly used to ditch jerks.
    The best thing you can do is not respond in a way that will show in-confidence. the trick is to be between careless and in-confident.
    In a nutshell, when she does that, her brain is basically asking "Are you good enough for me". If you show that you need her more than she needs you then she will lose respect for you.
    Of course that could just mean more fighting for longer.

    Remember this is sub-conscious. She's not doing it on purpose. Women often throw negative feedback to guys. It's a great thing if you respond well with it because they fall for you hard.

  • Sounds like she's giving you some kind of punishment, and herself some time meanwhile.

    • that's what it seems like but it's starting to make me ask what's wrong with me. I don't like it

    • i don't like it either man, i can relate because i asked the same question myself a while back

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