How would you hint to someone you aren't interested?

Let's say someone had a MAJOR thing for you. What would be your way of subtly letting them know you are never going to date them in their life?

I wasn't really being specific about a situation in my life. I was more curious about how guys will hint to girls they aren't that interested.


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  • - Fart / Belch

    - Pick your nose or a wedgie

    - Make loud grunting noises while trying to gather saliva / mucus

    - Lift your arm and smell your pit... Then repeat: "JESUS I need a shower"

    - Call him every 2 minutes, every single day. When he answers -> Hang up

    - Run up to him/his friends, like you are trying for the olympics.. Repeat: "I LOVE YOU TOM!"


    Better yet - You could just find him a friend of yours that actually likes him; then say: "Tom, you're a good friend that I don't want to date. I want to introduce you rebecca because she's told me she likes you"

    ;D Good luck

    ~ ArtistBBoy


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  • I would say be straight up honest and tell them. Guys aren't good with hints. It's going to hurt him but that's the way it is with unrequited love and if you're not going to date him he's going to feel hurt eventually. Guys would rather take the blow all at once than have you beat around the bush.

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