Things moved too and shd broke up with me. What should I do?

We started dating. And with in 2 weeks she introduced me to her family her best friends and it was going amazing, we really have amazing chemistry together. We've been intimate and she said she loved me, I said it back and things were fine. Soon after she got cold and tried to explain to me what she was going through. She was in a year long relationship before me and had only been single and living on her own for a few months. She said she nended me to be patient but still wanted a relationship. I've known all about all of this because we talked about everything. Prior. We've talked about how she feels we rushed into things to fast and she doesn't know what she wants she's talked about it with everyone on what she should do. Her best friends, her parents, everyone. Her mom even told me that She just needs to find herself and really thinks we should be friends for the moment until she's ready, her dad even ask her if she could just keep trying because apparently he respected how I treated her. She broke things off last night basicly saying the same thing, she wants me in her life and in her family's life but she can't give me 100% right now because she needs to be happy with herself first she assures me there is nobody else. So obviously I care about her and I just want her happy and us back together although I feel that's going to take time. Do I no contact her at all and Let her do all the contacting? She keeps saying she wants me in her life but I feel that will not make her miss me or want to get back together. If we do hang out in the future I will try my best to just been my regular funny confident self and play it cool. but atm I feel completely lost. What should I do?


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