Is this over for good?

My fiance and I broke up before Christmas, its been almost 3 months. We are 50 and have known each other 30 years. We finally had an opportunity to be together and we took it. Lived together for slightly over a year, then we got engaged. We had ups and downs and unfortunately had a lot of arguments over trust. Mosty me (female). Somehow my insecurities got the best of me and every argument turned into a crazy battle about trust and hurtful things were said. The breaking point was a heated emotional argument that lead to giving the ring back. He left and left for good. I was in the wrong have tried to apologize and for the last 3 months have agonized and felt like Inwas being punished. He just continues to ask for space and gets really angry when I try to communicate. Now its at a point that he has cut me off changed his phone number and blocked me from any social media. Is he just being hurtful or is he done for good?


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  • 30 years. Why did you fuck with it if it wasn't broken.

    • I messed up... I know

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    • Create a new social media account.

    • I tried that and he realized it was me and shut me down... I think he is done

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