I think he's cheating on me. Need advice asap before I make a mistake...

Hi all... where do I begin? Well I've been w my guy for a little over a year although he claims we didn't get serious until about 8 months ago. And we have a baby together. Over the past few months (could be longer) he's been on MySpace and has been talking to girls and texting them and stuff... which I could prove. He has only admitted to the stuff I'm able to prove. He got rid of his computer and phone in February so claims he stopped... but I have no way to prove anything anymore. He claims he never cheated on me physically. He lives alone and we talk often during the day but I just have a feeling he's not being truthful to me. And today he lied to me and said he was with his dad then changed his story and said he was with his friends... and I said what else have you been lying about... he flipped out got defensive and said he was staying out all night. and haven't spoken to him since. Also we have been arguing lately and he's been saying a lot of things he supposedly doesn't mean. But our fights are "different" now if that makes sense. I just wanna know if he is cheating physically and or emotionally... he's very convincing! HELP!
Hes also really immature and twists things to mess w my head... he's a good liar and I don't know what's true anymore! also please see my comment for more details! this is such a mess! Help I really wondering if he's physical in any way
also he's younger than me... claims he wants all these wonderful things but sometimes I feel motherly lol idkk if that's significant to my issue but ugh


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  • He's definitely cheating emotionally. The physical part may be true if he's been out late at night and especially if he doesn't come back until the next morning.

    He's not responsible and you should leave him.

    • Thanks for the reply, I agree... I jus don't know if he goes out at night because we don't live together. For all I know he could be doing anything. Also he always says I better not cheat on him (guilty conscience?) which I never would do. What are signs of a cheater? when he says sorry he gets very emotional too and is so convincing. I also help with money is this why he wants me?

    • He sounds like a controlling person asking you not to cheat. He obviously doesn't know women are typically not the cheating type during the first few years following child birth.

      For him, apologetic may be one of the 10 signs of cheating.

      Lastly, you shouldn't be his welfare service agent if he isn't helping with family responsibilities.

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  • even if he's not cheating, you believe he's manipulating and lying. why be with someone like that?


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