Don't know what this girl wants?

Hi people,
iv been having a rough time I had a feeling this girl has been stringing me along, she is a single mum and I spent several months talking to her but not spending any time with her she took tons of gifts and cash from me and decided to friendzone me and say we are not going to work, I found out she is with a man but has denied she is in a relationship with him even though I have seen him at her house and he has declared on Facebook he is in a relationship but she insists she is just talking to him? Anyways we had an argument because I told her it's not right to just take take take and give nothing back, the thing is after her saying these things she still phones me at work I work with her but her attitude and the things she says to me is the attitude that she cares that I'm going to get in trouble if I don't do things right at work and she offers advice on how to do things differently in my business it's like she's trying to point me in the right direction and make sure I do things properly? If she has no feelings why did she tell me to move on them start taking an interest in my business and start telling me I'm going to get In trouble etc and butting into my conversation with her opinions and phoning me at work can anyone give some insight why she would do this I don't want friends and have told her this I want her romantically, why would she lie about not being in a relationship when I know she has someone staying at her house? Please peeps needs some answers


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  • So much drama here and the lack of grammar is making it difficult to comprehend. She doesn't want you. She treats you like shit. Block her from ALL social media and your phone. Move on and stop obsessing over someone who disrespects you.

    • It's hard to block her because I work with her but you have hit the nail on the head! Thank you!

    • I just feel like I have been taken on a massive ride that's why I'm here asking.

Most Helpful Guy

  • So she's taking gifts and money from you... you haven't spent any time with her... she's in a relationship with someone and denies it to you... she wants you to focus on your business...
    Sound like she doesn't want or need you but your money and gifts are good though.

    • She used me, just don't understand why she is caring about my business , I'm her back up ain't I when stuff hits the fan, why is she lying about her relationship though

    • She said she was struggling since I was gone as well!

    • Mate this is going to sound harsh but it sounds like she's wearing your balls as her earrings. She's probably lying about the relationship because if she admitted it she think you might stop giving her money and gifts. Best thing for you is to move on from her. Focus on yourself and meet someone who actaully wants to spend time with you and not use you for your wallet.
      I bet if you mentioned that you feel like your getting used for stuff she'll start spending time with you for a while but it'll revert back to how it is now. Just do yourselves a favour. Man up and move on.

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  • she is confused

    • I had to delete her from Facebook because I was hurting so much from it, if she's confused then what do I I spent a year going backwards and forwards with her, the thing is I still like her it's just hurt how she could lie and just keep telling me she's moved on and for me to move on yet do all these things?

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  • she is making sure your able to still GIVE GIVE GIVE while she GIVES it out to anyone but you
    .. i just went through the same shit

    • Basically just a player and she wants to keep me around for comfort when things go wrong! I feel for you man it kills like a morherfucker knowing you've been used

    • tell me about it I gave her my heart and soul, and so much more... and didn't ever even get anything from or do anything with her.

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