Ex-girlfriend keeps messaging me, what does that mean?

It is nothing romantic, but she messages me nearly everyday and asks how I am doing and tries to start a conversation. I do appreciate how friendly she is being, but I am asking... why is she doing it? After the breakup she never wanted to see me again.


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  • Maybe she felt bad about what she said that when you guys broke up and just wants to be friends now. She might of thought it over and realized she was in the wrong. One guy i was dating for a very short time lol got mad at me and he was like we are over even though we never did get serious. We stopped talking to each other for months and a few months ago he just unexpectedly messages me and i was thinking wow why the heck would he contact me after that bad argument we had. He said he just figured he would say hi and see how i'm doing. I don't know if there was another reason behind that or not but i guess everything that happens in life isn't always going to make sense.

    • She has asked me to go to the movies with her as friends which is nice. You have a very similar story to me, I see :) Life is full of surprises that is for sure.

    • Yeah definitely, life can certainly be interesting. You never know what it's gonna throw at you. She either really does wanna go to the movies with you just as friends or she misses you and hopes she can get you back. I guess you'll find out sooner or later.

    • I shall, but I don't know why I have been having these crazy experiences with Women recently haha.

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  • she's trying to keep you for why or how so I don't know... but think of a dog peeing on something. .. it's been marked. now the dog may or may not ever pee on it again but all hell breaks loose if some other dog even thinks about peeing on it. .. the dog just wants it's things and markings... it's a reflection of them and validation for themself

    • Maybe because she knows I have been talking to other girls lately...

    • hmmm... girls catch on to those things... have you been feeling confident as well lately?

  • well it could mean she wants you back or she just needs attention to push her ego , so she tries to get it from you or it could mean that she just tries to keep you near by if she needs someone second hand , know what i mean?

  • Probably to make sure you don't hate her.

    • Never hated her, I have told that, but I guess she believes I do.

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